It’s February in the Pacific Northwest. Your energy is zapped and your vitamin D supplies are dwindling. You need a break. A vacation would be nice, but planning for one takes energy that you may not have at the moment. A massage sounds relaxing. An hour or more completely focused on my physical and mental relaxation? Sign me up.

“But wait, I’ve never done this before, and now I’m stressed out over what to do and what to expect.”

Do I have to take all of my clothes off/ will the therapist see me naked?

A massage is perhaps the most relaxing form of self-care a person can receive, except when it’s your first time and your mind is racing with a million questions. At Revive, we want your experience to be completely stress-free from the moment you first hear about us, all the way through the days after your massage. We’ve collected a few of the most frequently asked questions about first-time massage, to hopefully make your first massage blissful and the first of many.

Our therapists are professionals and will allow you the time to privately undress to YOUR individual level of comfort and relax on the table underneath the sheet before knocking and re-entering the room. If you’re comfortable being completely nude under the sheet, great. If you’d rather leave on some undergarments, that’s great too. Throughout the massage, our therapists may adjust the sheet if needed to reach certain areas, with your permission.

Will my massage hurt?

    The main goal of a massage is to create the space for your muscles and mind to relax. A proper massage, even a deep tissue massage, shouldn’t cause intense pain. If you are new to massage and have a lot of tension, you may experience more sensation than someone who receives massage frequently. If you have specific areas where you experience pain from injury or chronic tension, let your massage therapist know.

Should I talk during the massage?

The most optimal experience for you will come from a healthy level of communicating your specific needs to the therapist, but don’t feel the need to make small talk unless you wish.

If the therapist’s level of pressure is too much or not enough, it’s important to let them know so that you get the most out of your session. Deep tissue massage and sports massage may require more feedback during the session.

Let your therapist know if you’re too hot or cold.

Also, please let your therapist know of any allergies to materials or oils, such as almond, lavender, or mint.

Do I need to tip?

    Tips are never required or included in the total but are always appreciated for exceptional service.



    The key to releasing tension is well-lubricated tissues and muscles. Drink plenty of water before and after your massage. This helps to flush out toxins that were stored in the muscle tissue and released by the massage. This also helps to detoxify the lymphatic system.

Plan to relax

    Plan your massage on a day and time that you can fully devote to yourself and relaxation before, during, and after for optimum benefits.

Hopefully, now your mind is at ease and you feel prepared for your first massage. But if you still aren’t convinced, as a new customer you will receive 20% off your first visit! We can’t wait to meet you and make you apart of our Revive family.