So, you’ve been in an accident. From taking care of insurance details to actual physical injuries, an accident is a real pain in the neck. Luckily, massage therapy is one of the best ways to begin the healing process and destress from the trauma of the incident. 

Regardless of whether you feel or see any physical injuries, you should make a trip to the doctor. In an accident, your internal organs may suffer injuries that don’t start to show up through pain or visible changes for a few days or even weeks. Your doctor may prescribe massage therapy to cope with the mental and physical stress of the accident. Many health insurance providers cover massage therapy when prescribed by a doctor for various medical reasons, with accident recovery being one of the most common. 

Whether or not your health insurance covers massage, it’s a good idea to book an appointment with a massage therapist after an accident for several reasons. 

1. Pain reduction

After an auto accident, there is usually some type of pain such as whiplash, sprains, bruises, or muscle spasms, in addition to more serious injuries that can result from worse accidents. A massage increases blood flow and promotes healing. It helps shorten the duration of pain and discomfort after an accident that can sometimes last months, to just a few days or weeks. 

2. Recovery from mental trauma

Although it may not be the first reason that comes to mind when discussing the benefits of massage after an accident, a loud, intense, and potentially life-threatening event like a car crash can undoubtedly cause mental trauma. If stress from the accident is keeping you awake at night, this can negatively impact the physical healing process. Trauma can cause increased tension when getting back behind the wheel shortly after the accident. It’s important to relax, clear your mind, and relieve tension. A massage can do all of the above and more. 

3. Swelling reduction

The location of physical trauma typically results in swelling as a result of injury or impact. Swelling comes from white blood cells and fluid entering the area to initiate the healing process. Receiving a massage to the area can help reduce swelling and promote healing by increasing blood flow and circulation. 

4. Increase range of motion

Working to maintain and increase the range of motion in joints, especially in the neck and shoulders is paramount in the early healing stages. It’s important to keep these areas mobile to combat the buildup of scar tissue or other types of musculoskeletal adhesions. 

The last thing you need is more stress, so we will make sure your time at Revive is simple, welcoming, and relaxing. Our highly skilled therapists are here to help you recover and rebuild mentally and physically after an accident. Are you suffering from physical injuries, tight muscles, lack of focus, inability to sleep, or mental stress from your accident? If so, we’re here to listen to your needs and get you on the road to recovery. Contact your health insurance company to learn about your massage therapy benefits and book with us online today!

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