So you found out you’re going to be a mom? Congratulations! Giving the gift of life is a pretty amazing opportunity, and something less than half of the population gets to do. You are special! Depending on how recently you find out you have a baby on the way, you may have already discovered that there is so. much. out. there on the interwebs about becoming a mom. It may start to seem like everyone has their two cents to throw into the pond and for all the “pregnancy experts” saying “do this! It’s good for your unborn child,” there are just as many “pregnancy experts” saying “doing this is bad for your child! Do this instead!”

Yeah, we get it, it’s a lot to sift through. How do you know what’s right? Before you know it, you find yourself reading through a heated mommy debate on a discussion board about whether stretch mark creams are harmful to your baby. We don’t have time for that kind of negativity, and neither do you.

There’s no one way to have a healthy pregnancy but there is one thing pretty much all of the pregnancy experts can agree on, and that is: relax.

With so much energy going to use keeping your little bun healthy and growing, you are bound to at least occasionally, feel like the candle is burning at both ends. There is so much out there to learn and do before baby arrives. Here at Revive, teaching you how to “baby wear” and “baby wrap” isn’t really our thing, but we do know a thing or two about one of the most effective ways to relax during your pregnancy to best benefit you and your baby.

For expecting moms in their second or third trimester, a prenatal massage is a fantastic way to take a load off. Prenatal massage also reduces swelling of the feet and ankles that can be common during later trimesters, releases tension in the lower back and shoulders, and promotes better sleep.

A prenatal massage is a bit different from a standard massage. While laying on your side, your therapist will deliver gentle touch to release tension primarily in the back, shoulders, and neck. A prenatal massage will be much lighter in touch than a deep tissue or sports massage, for the safety of you and your baby.  
For more information about what to expect at a prenatal massage, check out this article from What to Expect, and the give us a call at (503) 746-6585. Also, check in with your health practitioner to make sure everything is healthy before booking. Book a prenatal massage with one of our highly qualified therapists here. You deserve it.